The Challenges in Today’s AML Compliance Practice and How Regulation Technology Can Help

By Elena Papaxenophontos | February 25, 2021

Obliged entities constantly strengthen their compliance mechanisms and spend more on AML compliance compared to the past decade. Compliance is now seen as a vital mechanism in obliged entities not only due to fear of the cost of non-compliance but also due to increased regulation. More and more companies are looking to bring AML Compliance…

Money Laundering and The Cost Of Non-Compliance

By Elena Papaxenophontos | February 25, 2021

The risk of money laundering is an issue that exists worldwide and institutions across the globe are scaling up their prevention mechanisms to detect and prevent the laundering of illegally obtained funds or property. AML professionals and money launderers are engaged in a constant “fight” – with AML professionals on the one hand building protection…

Creating a Strong AML Compliance Culture – Tips for the Compliance Department

By Elena Papaxenophontos | February 25, 2021

One of the basic elements for establishing a strong compliance culture within an organization is the designation of a skilled and knowledgeable Compliance Department that will oversee the compliance function on a daily basis, and meet challenges head-on. These are our top tips to help Compliance Departments navigate the demanding requirements of the AML and…

Creating a Strong AML Compliance Culture – Tips for the Internal Audit Department

By Elena Papaxenophontos | February 25, 2021

With concerns over compliance and protection for investors constantly increasing, Internal Auditors are now faced with new responsibilities in the development and review of an organization’s AML policies, practices and measures. These are our top tips for Internal Audit Teams looking to effectively audit their organization’s compliance operations. Tip #1 When evaluating the effectiveness of…

Cyprus Yellow Slip

By CX Financia | February 25, 2021

Cyprus residence and work permit for EU citizens – Cyprus Yellow Slip Registration Certificate, also known as a yellow slip, is available to all European Union (EU and EEA) citizens who wish to stay and work or remain as visitors in the Republic of Cyprus. Every EU citizen, especially those EU citizens who have worked…

Creating a Strong AML Compliance Culture – Tips for Boards of Directors

By Elena Papaxenophontos | February 22, 2021

Money laundering is a top priority for Boards of Directors, as regulators have increasingly been issuing fines for failure to maintain adequate AML controls. It is therefore important for an organization’s Board of Directors to establish and actively support a culture of compliance throughout their entire company. These are our Top Tips for board members…



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