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Debt Restructuring

Businesses facing cash-flow problems and financial distress often need outside help to reduce and renegotiate delinquent debt in order to improve or restore liquidity so that they can continue to operate.

We offer clients a comprehensive administrative and financial service that is designed to meet all requirements for effective and acceptable debt restructurings and liquidity.

And as a Licensed Mediator, CX Financia can assist clients in resolving financial matters when both parties agree to the mediation process. For families, a loan modification can help reduce mortgage payments, mortgage interest and/or a mortgage amount. Mediation in this situation means that a bank must try to save the primary home, and if both parties in the dispute cannot agree, the mediator will help them reach an agreeable solution.

We help you with

Using our mediation skills, we have successfully prevented foreclosures, and have negotiated lower payments for clients.

  • Solutions for financially distressed businesses and families
  • Assistance to all parties to identify key issues
  • Help to explore alternative solutions
  • Guidance to all parties to areas of common ground

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