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Internal Audit

As the scale and complexity of the regulatory demands on corporations increase, alongside the growing need for accountability and transparency, and the negative impact of fraudulent activities, the integrity of an internal audit is becoming increasingly important. Senior management and executives are increasingly concerned about the vulnerability and exposure of their organisations to risks derived from the market, regulators, competition, or even within the organisation as they face financial, operational, strategic, governance or reputational risk. Therefore there is a need to implement a precise, unbiased internal audit process to ensure adequate protection.

CX Financia’s team possesses excellent expertise in internal audit procedures, utilising experience, and ongoing high-level technical training to support outsourced and ad-hoc internal audit and health check mandates across a series of jurisdictions. These include FCA, CySEC, CBC and other EU and non-EU regulated entities.

We help you with

CX Financia offers:

  • Full internal audit including an in-depth examination of procedures and policies
  • Review of best practices and corporate governance
  • Preparation of auditor’s report
  • Review of regulatory control
  • Ongoing support services for regulatory updates

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